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      LEWEL Radiokomunikacja sc as an authorized dealer of MOTOROLA, KENWOOD and HYT for more than ten years, operates activity in radio communications services.

Our offer is directed to:
Professional clients, small, medium and large comapnies. For them the most important is quality and efficiency od used equipment and solutions.
Invidual clients, which our company is offering technical advice.
In realization of assigned tasks are using specialist equipment, modern technology, skills and qualifications of ours employees. For assist with relationship managment helping us CRM system.


We invite you to become familiar with ours company and trade offer.




      The beginnings of our business on Polish market for radio communication reach back to the year 1998, when in result of an agreement between the employer: the Department of Energy Płock - Energy Technology Centre Ltd., and a group of employees of the Services Section responsible for maintenance of radio-telephone network has been established a partnership under the name LEWEL Radiokomunikacja, whose main goal was to take over the tasks of supervision and maintenance of radio communication systems.
     Also since the beginning of our business we are authorized dealer MOTOROLA - global manufacturer of radiotelephones and communications systems.



Services DIGICOM7


    To meet the expectations clients, we offer complex package of support services to maintain and repair ALCATEL trunked network. With system DIGICOM7 we dealing since 1995, when the first base stations was launched at the Department of Energy Płock S.A., at thta time still as employees ZEP-TECH Sp. z o.o.

    Initially, service activities were focused mainly on stisfying own needs. However, demands reported by market cotributed to develop a range of services, build a base of replacement parts and to develop detailed procedures.

Range of our services:

  • Supervision and ongoing maintenance of the system, 
  • Periodic inspections of radio base stations, 
  • The system restoration and remove failures (eg caused by lightning strikes) - is possible to rent replacement parts, 
  • Repair parts RBS 
  • Repairs radiotelephones HX 9226, MX 9226
  • Repair of selected components of central node CCU, and commutation matrix SM. 






      As an Authorized Dealer MOTOROLA, KENWOOD and HYT we offer products that allow to satisfy all the expectations and requirements of our clients related to radio communications.

Our offer is prepared taking into account the reported clients demands as well as experience gained in the field of radio communications.


We offer:




Contact us


LEWEL Radiokomunikacja sc

J&J Dominiak

ul. Boryszewska 32

09-410 Płock, Poland

telephone: 48 24 367 42 24; 24 367 69 24

e mail: lewel@lewel.pl


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LEWEL Radiokomunikacja sc 09 - 410 Płock, ul. Boryszewska 32
tel. stacj. 24 367 4224, 24 367 6924, 24 367 6925, kom. 606 223958, kontaktlewel.pl
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